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9-Pin Port Saver Stylus Realtime cable USB Type-A to Type-B Cable
9-Pin Port SaverStylus Realtime cableUSB Type-A to Type-B Cable
This adapter extends the connector on laptop computers out far enough to allow a realtime cable to be securely attached to the port.

Product includes an RJ11 cable and one female 9-pin adapter.

Use this cable to transfer your files (audio, steno, transcript) from a Stylus writer to your PC or upload your dictionaries to Stylus.

WinView/Caseview/Livenote Single User Cable Impression/Stylus/Flash Realtime cable Stentura Realtime Cable
WinView/Caseview/Livenote Single User CableImpression/Stylus/Flash Realtime cableStentura Realtime Cable

one-user Judge/Attorney workstation cable set.

Product includes an RJ11 cable and one female 9-pin adapter.

Realtime cable compatible with Stentura 8000/6000/400SRT/200SRT/500, and SmartWriter.

USB Printer Cable WinView/Caseview/Livenote Two User Cable Denoto/WinView/Caseview Five-User Cable Set
USB Printer CableWinView/Caseview/Livenote Two User CableDenoto/WinView/Caseview Five-User Cable Set
USB to Centronix printer cable.

Two-user Judge/Attorney workstation cable set.

Five-user Judge/Attorney workstation cable set.

Denoto/WinView/Caseview/Livenote/Bridge Three-User Cable Set
Denoto/WinView/Caseview/Livenote/Bridge Three-User Cable Set

Three-user Judge/Attorney workstation cable set.