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9-Pin Port Saver Microphone Extension Cord USB Type-A to Type-B Cable
9-Pin Port SaverMicrophone Extension CordUSB Type-A to Type-B Cable
This adapter extends the connector on laptop computers out far enough to allow a realtime cable to be securely attached to the port.

This 12' extension cable comes in handy when the range of our regular microphone needs to be increased.

Use this cable to transfer your files (audio, steno, transcript) from a Stylus writer to your PC or upload your dictionaries to Stylus.

WinView/Caseview/Livenote Single User Cable Impression/Stylus/Flash Realtime cable WinView/Caseview/Livenote Two User Cable
WinView/Caseview/Livenote Single User CableImpression/Stylus/Flash Realtime cableWinView/Caseview/Livenote Two User Cable

one-user Judge/Attorney workstation cable set.

Product includes an RJ11 cable and one female 9-pin adapter.

Two-user Judge/Attorney workstation cable set.

Denoto/WinView/Caseview Five-User Cable Set Denoto/WinView/Caseview/Livenote/Bridge Three-User Cable Set
Denoto/WinView/Caseview Five-User Cable SetDenoto/WinView/Caseview/Livenote/Bridge Three-User Cable Set

Five-user Judge/Attorney workstation cable set.

Three-user Judge/Attorney workstation cable set.