Stylus -- Portable Realtime Writer (Refurbished)

Stylus -- Portable Realtime Writer (Refurbished)
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  • Drag/drop detection -- Stylus will automatically scan the keyboard for possible dragged or dropped keys. It will automatically adjust a keystroke to yield a translation.
  • Automatic stack detection -- This feature analyzes every keystroke for potential stacking. If it senses that the user has stacked keystrokes, it will automatically split the stroke.
  • Automatic number conversion -- Uses a set of predefined or user-defined rules to convert numbers automatically.
  • RTF/CRE export -- Allows the user to export files in a standard format.
  • User-defined fonts -- Choose the font size and colors that are easy on your eyes.
  • Conflict resolution -- Automatic conflict resolution.
  • Search -- Tap on the screen to search for previous Q or A.
  • Storage -- Unlike our competitor, ProCAT has always used solid-state memory to store user files. We find the memory technology to be more reliable and faster than a 3.5" floppy diskette. Stylus has three storage devices to ensure reliable operation.
    • 512 MB Compact Flash Card -- The removable CF card is the primary storage device. User files (i.e. transcripts, audio files, etc.) are stored on the CF card. CF is a universally accepted form of data storage. The CF card slot is expandable to 2 GB. Learn more.
    • 256 MB Secure Digital Card -- The SD card is the most compact of all removable-drives. The SD drive in Stylus is used to store your dictionaries, user configuration files, and backup of recent jobs. SD cards are frequently used in consumer products such as cameras and cell phones. The SD card slot is expandable to 1 GB. Learn more.
    • On-board Flash Memory -- The onboard memory is used as a third backup unit to store your notes. The onboard memory has the capacity to store as many as 5,000,000 keystrokes synchronized with time. 
  • LCD -- The display unit is a color HVGA, touch-- sensitive LCD. You may use a stylus to tap on the screen to perform various functions.
  • Communications Ports --There are three communication ports in the Stylus that will address all possibilities:
    • USB -- Use the USB port to upload or download files, dictionary, user configuration files, etc. A USB cable is included to synchronize your files.
    • Bluetooth -- The optional wireless port will enable you to realtime to your clients or to your computer without cables.
    • Serial -- This port has been added for backward compatibility with systems that do not support the Bluetooth or USB connections.
  • Audio Recording -- Use the built-in audio recording port to synchronize the audio with translated text. Audio files will be stored on the primary CF drive.
  • Processors -- Stylus uses two microprocessors to eliminate stacking and to provide redundancy. The primary processor handles the realtime features while the secondary processor is used to monitor the health of your system and capture the keystrokes. Learn more.
  • Weight -- The Stylus weighs only 5.25 lbs. It is by far the lightest writer on the market.
  • Battery -- ProCAT writers have always offered the longest battery life. Stylus is no exception. It comes with two battery systems to ensure the longest uninterrupted operation.
  • Carrying Case -- Stylus comes with a soft-sided carrying case. Optional professional Samsonite and Wheelie cases are also available.
  • Protocol -- Stylus uses the same realtime protocol as Flash, Stenopaq, and ProWriter. This protocol has been optimized to offer the fastest realtime translation. Unlike the competition's polled protocol, Stylus and Flash use an instant data transmission. Stylus is compatible with any software that works with Flash.
  • Wireless Option -- The Bluetooth (wireless) adapter is an optional feature.  
  • Warranty -- Stylus comes with a one-year limited warranty.